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Well I can give some pro tips for each WZ.

Huttball: When the other team score do not go to middle make sure the 2 players at your goal line die after scoring making sure there are at least 6 of you doing it so they pay for what they have just done.

Voidstar: When there are two opponents on your door and 6 of you make sure that you all kill them together, if the other side were in trouble they'd definitely call out the other 6 enemy players must be hiding or something they definitely aren't trying to cap the other door.

Civil War: If the other team caps two the game is over go farm medals on the one you hold. If you get 2 immediately try and win the other one as well as the other team are obviously rubbish and will never come back.

Novare: (And number one pro tip) If you have south and east for example and someone calls east everyone needs to go. Once you have killed all that is there the 7 that went must run to south immediately. Rinse and Repeat Please note the solo guy on east (or west) who is definitely not farming medals must tell the team how bad or good they are throughout the warzone as they can see absolutely everything and are probably the best player in the team.

Keep it pro