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10.05.2012 , 04:30 AM | #9
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This is one of the easiest games to gear up from any aspect really. Very easy in fact, all you need is time.
Time is the issue for a lot of players including myself. After months of grinding for gear I only have a few pieces of WH. AS WITH EVERYTHING IN LIFE THE ONES THAT HAVE THE TIME TO SPEND ON SOMETHING WILL ALWAYS BE AHEAD OF THOSE WHO HAVE LIMITED TIME.. Just a fact of life.... Not a big deal for me I just keep grinding and get what I can when I can.... I just enjoy the game and always have a blast when I get to play... Yes I wish I could get gear faster so I can do better in PvP, but it is what it is and you should not be QQing about getting gear if you , like myself, have limited time... That is all.....