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10.05.2012 , 03:09 AM | #42
These are the stand out players that makes u think you will probably die or just kill them.....Not just naming for the sake of it. IMO these guys are a class above.

Mara: Luc, B-ry, Davito
Heal Ops: Primate, Community
Tank/Dps Sin: Limbonic
Heal Merc: Zirx
Sniper: Lyralz
Pyrotech: Ward (read last comment :S)

Sentinel: First
Tank Shadow: Qar
Heal Scoundrel: Celestiny (though he glitches which is lame).

Special mention goes to players who you want to avoid playing with if you intend on winning as they don't ever play for the team, break ccs, and generally have no awareness about what is going on around them: Starzkill and Realfaststar...