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You know, even if we somehow equate adding same-gender options to existing characters as "external forces changing their sexuality" I still want my Consular to be able to flirt with Nadia even if she does turn her down. I don't think the characters need to be altered to allow them to be open-minded to the possibility of same-sex romance.
I think the game would indeed a lot better if there were more ways to show interest in characters, even if they are not romance options. And talk about things like these with characters. However deep the concept may have been, there is little that shines through. And the dialogues often feel like walking through a mine field. You click through the dialogue options and suddenly what you thought would be a thoughtful argument becomes an aggressive snappy comment. The key I hit most often during dialgoues is probably the escape key.

It would also be nice if not every flirt option meets with success. In some cases the subject may simply not be interested, in other cases it depends on which flirt option you use when... I would really like to know more about why Zenith doesn't want to, for example. My main character is a twi'lek woman after all, and even if she's not after an eternal love, she might like to show the rough, strong man that life is not solily a burden.

I consider Kira my friend, I would really love to ask about love, boys and girls, see what she likes, not just because I might wanna get her laid, because I am curious about her. After all she joined the Jedi Order when she was eighteen, and has been "popular" before that, as she says herself. She might wanna qualify "popular".

Maybe, additional to romances, there should be "best friend" kind of relationships.