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I have been experiencing a very strange bug for a while now on my Sniper.

In Warzones I am suddenly and randomly unable to use any player targeted abilities. Every time I attempt to use an ability I get the red error message text informing me that I have no target. Once it starts it usually persists for the remainder of the Warzone, although I will be able to attack intermittently but then it usually acts up again. I have tried reloading the UI, /stuck, nothing helps....

So basically I am completely useless as the only Area abilities I have are my Orbital Strike, Suppression Fire, and my Cover Pule Knock Back... Hardly enough to be of any use in a warzone. In fact I have not started doing rateds on this character because it happens so often that I don't want to risk it costing us a match.

As of right now my sniper is nothing but a liability in warzones, and it makes me not want to PVP on him.

I find it odd that this is the only character that I have experienced it on. It is possibly coincidental, but I would be surprised.
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