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10.05.2012 , 02:06 AM | #48
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I believe you're setting yourself up for massive disappointment. I believe you should accept the game for what it is now, with 'hope' that it'll get better. I believe you should set your bar for expectations extremely low, but hope to be blown away.
So you think itīs all empty promises with only.. what, 20% chance to meet expectations? The "tons of content" and "SSSP talk" ?

Have to admit I am waiting for new ways to play the game, not more of the same because there are already tons of class story (alts) I havenīt even seen, and other instanced ground combat FPs/OPs, letīs go to the stars and make this worlds and planets come alive, like in the movies, that is how they should invest their time.
Also this game could need at least 5 more selectable warzones at once, as fun as Huttball is I am getting a *little* tired of the map.