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I read a post a while ago that basically outright stated that Bioware would benefit from just making new maps for Warzones. I thought about it, honestly, it's not a bad theory. Think about it, Warzones are getting old and boring, repetitive, how better would it be if we just had a few variations?

So, this topic is basically asking you, the reader, as to what variations to the maps you think would be interesting to see in SWTOR. Think how Novarre Coast is similar to Civil War, things like that, it doesn't have to be new gameplay mechanics, just new maps. Maybe a 3-point capture game that takes place on Mustafar, where instead of guns, they control shields that cover your ship, you have to get your shields up to 300 or your ship will melt in the lava.

Also, having new Warzone mechanics and concepts will help to break the monotony feeling of playing the same Warzone over and over again with it just looking different, introducing different mechanics and playstyles will give players a break from playing the same concept over and over again, leading them to be bored.

The ideas I've come up with are:

1. "Tower climb"; basically it's a race to the top of the tower, this warzone would without a doubt be a complete knockback fest, but I know I would certainly love running up stairs with a predation boost on my Mara. I think this would be one of those warzones where it really wouldn't be all that serious and be more of a break from other warzones. If more than one warzone existed with this gameplay, it'd be horrible.

2. "Huttball Map, Electric Field"; It'd play similar to the Pit version of Huttball we see now, except the firepits would be replaced with generators, that would charge up and then stun anyone who would walk over them. The two pits at the end wouldn't exist and would be replaced with cabled fields that would either slow you down whilst doing minor DoT, or would just simply stun you and the field would turn on and off. This would mirror the need to use the upper pathways in the Pit version.

3. "Huttball Map, Theed Complex"; remember the area where Qui-gon and Obi-Wan fought Darth Maul? Imagine having the two end zones, each with 2 paths onto a middle ring, that is about the same size as the area between the two pits in The Pit, yet in the middle of this ring is a smaller ring, that will hold the ball, basically, every few moments, a bridge would either appear, or disappear, to get the ball you'd have to walk over this bridge, grab the ball, then walk back and get to the end zone. This would potentially be made better or worse if the inner ring was within shooting range of the outer ring, MDPS would definitely be screwed with that idea.

4. "Capture the Flag"; I was remembering when I played Halo3 online ages ago, there was this one map that had two bases, you just had to go in and capture the flag and bring it back to your own, this was made more interesting by having people ride around in vehicles and shooting you, stuff like that, would be fun indeed to see someone flying around on a swoop-bike firing at you whilst you run carrying a flag.

What ideas have you?