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Thanks for posting the map! The hypergate irregularities only spawn on the upper ring?
The yellow circles on the map are the Hypergate Anomalies DURING the tentacle phases. They randomly spawn on any of the outside rings. They Hypergate Irregularies can spawn on any platform that tentacles are not on. I 8-man it's random, and in 16-man it's EVERY platform that doesn't have tentacles on them.

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Our tanks are having alot of issues with placement here and it seems they are always getting acid on the platforms that the dps need to use after the tentacles phase.
I'll be updating the map in a few minutes with changes and additions. The Anomalies only appear on platforms 3 through 8. So the tanks should be tanking on 11 and 15 and dropping the slime pools on 2 and 9. The slime pools disappear once each tentacle phase ends so if an Irregularity shows up on either 2 or 9, the slime pools won't be there when you need to attack them.
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