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Okay there are only 3 ways a shadow tank can hit 5k consistently.

1 is autocrit project, I'm MAXED dps gear, complete best in slot and this usually hits for around 4k not counting additional debris. If you're being hit 5k by my projects the only reason is because you're not geared or you have several debuffs on you and I'm hitting force potency (only counts for 1 or 2 hits I do).

2 is shadow strike with 3 points on infiltration tactics. This is weapon damage, and is mitigrated by everything, it can take a while to proc and requires me to be behind you.

3 is my execute and I can only do it every 6 seconds when you're under 30% health.

those are the only 3 moves a shadow tank can hit 5k+ with. The person who said a shadow tank got 900 dps in a warzone was due to him spamming slow time (better overall damage than FiB, worse single target), force breach, procing project off whirling blow (aoe melee), autocrit project, telekinetic throw for life steals, and having a pocket healer. Simple way to avoid this? Don't clump like idiots.
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