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Could it be a hint related to the words green ellipse - quadralateral forum?

I went in and tried nearly everyone emote including shiver and cold which I thought were good. Just a party of three though. We also tried creatively jumping up and down the walls. Curiously though I looked and found some interesting though possibly meaningless stuff:
-skulls and bones outside the cave
-thought hard about green ellipse and harmonius habitat
-if you go the back wall of the cave and then click map you're only half way what looks like the mountain
-if you go out and back towards the first boss, you will see the road branches in two, one way you can see the wall separates the green structures from a green field with a path going up and it looks like that path could start from the other end of the cave
-the stalactites are suspicious with one looking like it points to the ceiling and the other pointing down, but they're different than the ones in the Harmonius Habitat
-tried putting on cold weather equipment
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