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Or they could just merge the servers and make oceanic swtor the delightful experience it once was. Really dunno what's hard to understand about this. Even IF f2p is successful, their improved tech could certainly support a high amount of people on the one server. We're a small region, thus one server seems utterly logical.

Instead of playing politics "yeah we're gonna look into this" to the public, and haven't done a single thing at all about it, they could just appease their customer base, who you know, pays the bills for the product, thus we ARE entitled to. This thread will turn around from "complaining" to what I'd be willing to bet a hefty amount on a massively pleased and grateful bunch of gamers rejoicing that their play times have been SIGNIFICANTLY improved.

Really unsure what is difficult to understand about this concept, tbh. If somebody can logically explain to me why the MANY people who have posted in this thread are 100 percent wrong about the idea of a server merge is wrong, I'll gladly eat my words.

I really have been sitting here for the past 10 minutes trying to think of cons to this idea, and the only REAL con is that RP'ers may take a bit of troll in /1, but I can nearly bet you the good majority of folks on Gav support this, and you know what really phases me?

Apparently only 5 percent average of gamers browse and post in their perspective games forum. I could imagine a whole lot more unhappy folks in oceanic than what we're just seeing in this thread, oh and the many many others that have been posted dating back months now.
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