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10.04.2012 , 10:22 PM | #20
Ok, first of all, SimC does point out we are the highest dps class, but it is not possible to get near it, it is a guide only.

Secondly, our dps is not that bad. I am generally equalling my raids sentinel and commando dps, even with slightly less gear. You have to run Balance or Madness spec if you want the best dps. I tried to stay with infiltration at first, but balance is much better. The main reason we can't get near our SimC results is because the amount of proc and dot watching is quite difficult. We have one of the hardest rotations of DPS classes force management wise so it will take a lot of work to match that of the other classes.

Basically, keep working at it, spec balance tree and you will not be saying you are underpowered. Also, one thing to note, you will not get as high a dps parse on the dummies as you hope due to SimC as balance as you have no armour reduction, infiltration has this, but as balance get a group with a guardian or gunslinger or someone else with armour reduction buffs and then hit up the dummy.