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10.04.2012 , 10:05 PM | #11
Okay maybe its simply this between the resolve bar and anyone still in BM the grind the WH is just stupid. I have worked on playing against a marauder and it has gotten better (I will admit when I am wrong and Marauders/Sents are as bad as I thought) but still going up against a shadow/assassin tank spec or 23/1/17 (and lets be honest maybe 2% of pvpers don't use one of those as an assassin/shadow) they are just ungodly overpowered. The ability to break free from any of my movement impairing effects and pop FiB from being rooted 30m away they are just stupid overpowered right now.

And my only complaint for VG/PT and Juggernaught/Guardians is simpy a tank class should not be doing 5-7k hits on me and still be hard as hell to kill. If they are going to be a have the defense of tank than lower their dmg if they are going to do the dmg of a dps then lower their defense. Right now it takes too long to try to kill them as a class that is supposed to be a dps class.

And this is more about my gunslinger than any of my other classes. My scoundrel is a healer is lets just face it, it takes about 3 people to be able to kill him. My VG falls into the upper category i am to the point where I am simply taking out 3 people at once. And my shadow again falls into the upper category usually the only people that kill me on him are juggernaughts or other tank sins.