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Episode 3 and the bit I forgot...

Mylord finally works out how to take Sorc DPS to 11
(after getting a few tips from Kei)

Mylord: (Holding the pistol tentatively, like a dead smelly frog)
Mylord: Red button sets them on fire
Kei: Yup
Mylord: Yellow button does something
Kei: Yeah I never worked that out, but basically yeah
Mylord: Blue button blows them up
Kei: Yeah man totally KAPOW, Whammo, poof, splodes em..
Mylord: What about this green button
Kei: The green button?
Mylord: Yeah
Kei: oh thats the Giggle button...
Mylord: ***?
Kei: nvm
Mylord:..... so Red then yellow then blue..
Kei: Yeah and keep giggle on CD..
Mylord: Right, and if I do this in a dress it counts as Sorc DPS right?
Kei: : Uh yeah totally wheres my Mil credits...

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