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Quote: Originally Posted by AshlaBoga View Post
They're doubling that for HM TfB so it will take 16-24 (2-5 months). Hopefully they'll release Nightmare EC around mid-December (SWTOR Anniversary, Dec 20?). So given the decrease in gear I suspect Nightmare TfB won't be out until February or March
i dont expect TFB NiM anytime in the near future.

Quote: Originally Posted by thierryfying View Post
IF they have not cleared EC HM, they should NOT be doing TFB HM.

iF they're not doing TFB HM, and later on EC Nightmare, then they should NOT be receiving dread guard gear.

Now, you mention incentives.

BW has already stated that EC nightmare will complement TFB HM in terms of gearing (rank 63). Translation: they will drop the same loot rank.

IF they give a full dread guard set in TFB HM, what is the incentive for doing EC Nightmare?
Well said, the only thing i have against the first boss is him, dropping only 1 piece of the worst garbage i ever seen.
Like this for example, worth a RE thats it.
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