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Quote: Originally Posted by TalkingDinosaur View Post
"LOL, as if sites like that actually know specifics"

Hmm, smell the irony?

Either way, it goes to show SWTOR made more subscribers than SWG ever achieved in its entire life time.
I smell something in your posts alright, and there's no iron the four letter word.

How long ago was it when SWG was released, and how many people played mmos back then?

Your point is moot. No mmo had a large population until a few years after WOW matured somewhat, and none have ever come close to WOW numbers. Including this one.

Our sever was busy, we had many more fun things to do than what SWTOR offers, and we didn't have near as many annoying inconveniences that are present in SWTOR.

Obviously, the large percentage of people who played this game didn't think it was all that great, or it wouldn't be down to 25% - 30% of what it had.