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10.04.2012 , 08:44 PM | #7
I don't disagree that the server population seems less now than it was a while ago. But there is more to it than just numbers, it's what players want to do while they're there.
I've noticed on Gav Daragon there are always quite a few players on the lower level planets. I've also been playing with some people who once they get to lvl50, instead of getting into the advance end game, just go and start another character and play it up through the levels gain.
The incredibly poor response of group finder on Gav Daragon suggests that few people are into FP or those that are have a guild to organise them instead. I've queued for hours on many occasions, it only needs four to go off.
If we had a few guilds of regular players, we wouldn't need a really huge population. We need to encourage our fellow players to get into the end game play and mentor those that need help.