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I have 4 50s and I have spent my time learning to play each one of them effectively. But when I play my gunslinger vs a assassin/shadow, marauder/sent, or guardian/juggernaught I have no chance. Especially with the new changes to the shadow/assassin tree that drop force speed from 30 secs to 20 secs you have now given them virtuely unable to be snared or rooted. Almost every assassin/shadow now runs with some kind of tank build simply because you have made the tank classes so powerful that dps classes hardly do any dmg against them but they still deal out the same out of dmg as a pure dps class.

My gunslinger used to be able to dispatch a marauder pretty effectively but now with the amount of dmg they put out and a gunslinger's roots being nearly ineffective you made them into a commando that wears medium armor. The biggest thing is a marauder/sent get a better combat stealth than any of the classes that can actually stelath. Come on a marauder/sent shouldn't be able to go into stealth and walk up on a ranged class without being able to be detected at all plus having only a 45 sec cooldown that is less than half of what the actual stealth classes have on their combat stealths. Plus it gives them 50% dmg reduction heck all they need to do to be is stealth walk up on a ranged class start beating the crap out of them and if they do manage to get low just pop their 99% dmg reduction which will easily last until they dispatch the target.

When it comes to a juggernaught it is impossible to keep them away from me. You give gunslingers a stun that has a 4 meter range which is a joke right? I mean by the time we use dirty kick and try to run any class that can charge will just charge to you and if you do manage to get a little distance and get into cover you are barely any distance from them and they have very little room to go before being right on top of you again. Couldn't gunslingers get a 30 meter stun that actually suits their class? You were able to make flash grenade into a 30 meter ability but you couldn't make an ability that allows for gunslingers who are purely a ranged class have a 30 meter stun but you could do it for a VG and commando. I mean you are allowing a tank class that wears heavy armor to pop out a 5k AOE without even thinking twice. And this goes right with PT/VGs too a heavy armored class that is capable of out damaging a dps class in almost every situation and being able to survive longer because they can take the hits. And I do know from experience because I have a VG and he out dmgs my GS who are both equally geared. And this doesn't just because I die on my gunslinger a lot this is for almost any dps class who shouldn't be getting out dmged by a tank class that is mostly spec'd into the tank tree.

Another terrible decision was taking away the consular/inquistor's 30 meter stun. You now allow one 2 classes to have a 30 meter stun and that is it.

Simply fix the classes why do you think you lost so many subscribers. I love the game but the classes are completely falling apart. Please get it under control.

I know almost all of you will disagree with me but most of you that will disagree can't deny you don't play one of these classes I am discussing. And I will admit I may be wrong about pieces of it but we all know the classes are not balanced and only certain builds are worth having in pvp anymore and if you don't use one of those builds you are going to struggle.