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10.04.2012 , 07:11 PM | #16
I support improvements to Mercs. However, as a group we need to be more clear when making suggestions. All Bounty Hunters aren't Arsenal, or Pyro. All Bounty Hunters aren't even Mercs. So we should make it a point to specify Merc OR Pyro OR Arsenal (or BH in general).

I like the suggestions for allowing Tracer Missile to be cast on the move. However, we should fully think out this suggestion and expand it to Power Shot. They are basically the same attack and by saying only Tracer Missile, you are leaving out Merc Pyros (and even healers). This is not Arsenal vs Pryo, its Mercs vs the world.

Also to the Arsenal guys who hope that a mobile Tracer will make everything better, it wont. Sure it will help you die less in PvP, and put out slightly more damage in PvP. But its only part of the solution. The reason I say this is because Pyro Mercs already are very mobile. We open with a rotation that hits harder than 3 tracers and a heatseeker. So by Arsenal becoming more mobile, its only just catching up to Pyro. You will then have all the same problems Pyro currently has.

Mobile Tracer / Power Shot - a big needed change. This could make Pyro into a borderline viable spec. But for Arsenal, this helps but doesn't bring the spec anywhere near viable in PvP. Arsenal needs 3x more help than Pyro.
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