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I had an interesting experience recently, and I think it is worth mentioning. I just finished leveling a Juggernaut to 50, and I got the Mark II gear. None of this is to brag, by the way, just to explain what I mean with specific examples. I was genuinely surprised when I was surviving longer than I remember on my Sentinel when he reached 50 and had to wear Recruit. I am Rage specced, so not tank spec, and I still survive longer than I expected. Also, I was third in damage in one Warzone, and not with a bunch of undergeared people either (or at least better geared than me). Granted, Rage is kinda the flavor of the month when it comes to Juggernauts, but still. I say all of this to make the point that the Mark II gear is much better, and it wasn't as horrible an experience as I had expected.
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