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ladies and gentlemen please.
take into account the Knights Of The Old Republic games, and all the information that they have given us of Revan and Malak's power. We all know that Revan, according to Kreia and many others; was one of, if not the most the most powerful force user of the time. Can we all agree that Revan could decimate Malgus? If so, take this into account: by the time Revan was being confronted by Bastilla and the other jedi, Malak had exceeded his masters power in the force, yet he ordered Revan's ship to be fired upon instead, this is not cowardice. Would you say Freedon Nadd's act of firing upon Naga Sadow's ship was an act of cowardice? both these sith knew that they had become stronger than there masters, they simply took it upon themselves to act the way sith act. By the time Revan was redeemed, Malak was defeated because he could not compare to Revan's light; however, he could exceed Revan's darkness.

Im just saying, my argument is plain, Malak was more powerful than Revan at the time of his greatest darkness. and Revan can for sure be more powerful than Malgus at the same time.

Furthermore, Revan and Malak where able to rid themselves of the mind corruption done to them by Lord Vitiate, they broke free of his control. There is noo way that Malgus would be able to do the same. further proving Malak's superiority.

Dont take into account The Old Republic when you are judging, it is a game that exists for the sake of story development, you need to fight certain people at certain times in the leveling process, this does not accomodate for power at all. the fact that you must face Revan while a level thirty and Malgus as a level fifty means very little.

that is all.