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These are the Dayz of Master D

Epidose 3

Scene 1
Davito and Luc are in the Sith Gym, before the pvp kicks off

Davito: Bro, your so buff...

Luc: (looking into the mirrow applying his Sith makeup)
Its the light in here, my pecs need work, and my legs are too skinny...

Davito: No bro I mean it, the way you swing those sabers, and that leather armour you wear,
you know, your like sooo, know.... buff ......

Luc: Looks meaningfully at Davito, eys burning with Sith passion

Primate : (walks into the room fresh out of a steaming shower, white towel around waist)
So you guys ready to get it on???

Scene 2

Y'waine (the Ninja'd) on his knees howling in tears,

How could they have done this to me? I only turned my back for a minute... those cheezels, they were so tasty...
Damn ninja's ..
Freaking ninja's...Ill show them
I just gotta get it back
How could I let the Family jewels be ninjaed...
the door was safe I swear
but everyone saw it except me

Scene 3

Bobcowboy is back!

Big hat, square jaw and a belt buckle with more rinestones than Dolly Partons bra...
Big boots that are made for walking, all over men and right into womens hearts...
The door closes, Bobcowboy turns to camera and drawls

How'dy maam, I hear you need some Healin...

Tune in next week for our next exciting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA series

Dayz of Master D..
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