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I don't queue much for planetary stuff, but I've not seen a queue pop for one when I do. Even for a place like the Black hole with a very well defined set of missions, it's not often used.
i was speaking about the lower level stuff mostly but you are correct about the daily heroics. no one uses it even for those. it has been months since i have done a non bh heroic daily as i have no desire nor need. i will help guild members though. but the same point come through; if people don't do the content the best finder is useless.

the bh heroic is rather puzzling though as a ton of people do them and no one uses the group finder. i tried for three days after it came out only having to leave the queue and get a invite the old proven way.

i suspect if bh coms were not given out in hms they would be the same way. a vast number of people wouldn't do them as they have no longer the need.

it appears excessive rewards are needed to do some of the content over and over to compensate for bland vanilla drops. this is just plain sad. there are better means to keep people playing a mmo but such rewards are becoming the norm rather than special unique drops. orange gear doesnt cut it as most are just butt ugly.

times are changing i guess but the new people carrying the torch are stumbling and getting burned in the process.