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Is this your first MMO? ... pro tip: HAPPENS WITH EVERY MMO! ... they always bug things when trying to add new things ..or when trying to fix old things they end up breaking an existing thing..

I will stick with it .. especially since im not done with the story on all my chars yet...
Hmm i'd have to agree with the OP. I've played Ragnarok, GW1, WoW, SWTOR and now playing GW2. I've had more (technical / patch / bug) frustrations in this game compared to the other 4...

Let me rephrase that, the only MMO I played that gave me graphics card problems.

I'm going to 2 weeks now of wasting my subscription and just playing GW2 (which looks wonderful on my PC). I can't stand logging in SWTOR at all with my (Patch 1.4) 8-10 FPS.
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