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Thread's sort of gone off topic. If OPs are too difficult, that's sort of a different issue from the drops, which, I'm in total agreement with TC are insufficient. I just don't understand how Bioware could get so much right with the method of acquiring black hole/campaign gear and then switch to this.

Someone said it would take 8 weeks to gear up a raid. That's not out of the ordinary. But suppose the raid has 4 marauders and subs in nobody. Since each marauder requires 8 belts (most-needed mod is only available in the belt), it would take about 36 weeks for them to gear up--and this is assuming nobody gets subbed in or out ever. And that's also assuming Tanks or healers don't also have their most-needed mod in a belt, which they may very well.
Yep, i wasnt talking bout how hard the ops are, i am talking bout loot numbers in TFB HM.
I said 8 weeks making the math of 1 item per boss, times 8 members, its 8 weeks but for example on the 1st boss of TFB HM, DG set doesnt drop AT ALL. It only drops Hazmant crap and its totally class random.
Meaning if a guild would be only able to pass through that 1st boss most probably it would take them 3-4 months untill the 8 players have all same item piece from that 1 boss and that my friends is a lot of bull.
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