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If you could choose only one character to be your companion based on rp preference and imagined friendship who would it be.

My Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen. Apprentice, fellow amazon and sister in battle.
My Jedi Conslar: Nadia Grell. Love of his life.
My Smuggler: Risha. Both are scheming and manipulative ladies.
My Trooper: Tanno Vik. Both could take a dump on the rulebook and use brutal tactics on their enemies.
My Sith Warrior: Broonmark. Fellow killer and murderous psychopath.
My Sith Inquisitor: Talos Drellik. One of the few men she trusts and appreciates his intellect and thirst for lore.
My Bounty Hunter: Skadge. Fellow thugger and bugger.
My Imperial Agent: Vector Hyllus. Lovers and both have strong senses of duty and honor.