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What you've got is how every MMO on the market that has Qs for PVE and PVP do it. I know it seems to make your arguement more valid (even tho it really doesn't) to make it seem like they were simply to lazy to come up with the Q but not really in the Q idea of stacking. Under this solution you'd still take forever to get a FP Q to pop cause PVP pops are dime a dozen and you'd have a cloud of perpetually stuck people in the limbo in-between the two. Dan is #19 and gets out of his PVP Q and gets another 30 seconds later, so he has a whole 30 seconds for the PVE Q to pop before he's back in limbo again.

How is this in anyway a workable solution? How much of the games resources are going to be tied up keeping track of the massive cloud of people in the Q but not really because the are in a PVP match at the same time? Yes eventually they would get lucky and get a pop inbetween the two but in the meantime the only reliable way to get in a PVE grp is too...not Q up for another WZ...just like they are asking you to do now.
The number of resources required to add this solution is negligible. All it takes is:
- A "In WZ" flag for each player in queue; and
- A "If player is in WZ then select next player" statement when matching groups.
You would also need a method to flag someone as 'in WZ" when they enter one, but that shouldn't be too complex either. Something along the lines of: "If player is in GF queue, flag as 'in WZ'" when the WZ queue pops.

Total, thats 1 flag (can be done in 1 bit, but we'll say a whole byte) and a couple of lines of code. Less than 5 MB of extra memory on the server, and that's being generous.

I quite liked being able to queue for a WZ while waiting for my FP to pop while leveling. Helped break up the monotony of planets I'd run 3 times before. I used to jump on my alt, hop in both queues and quest until one popped (usually a WZ) run that, go back to questing wait for another pop and repeat. Only once did I ever have the GF queue pop while I was in a WZ, and that was 1 minute from the end so I waited it out.

I could see a queue pop being an issue if you had 3 members all drop WZ at the same time because they were waiting on one other player to join the GF queue but 1 or 2 isn't that massive, especially compared to the number of people I've seen leave when we don't get 2 caps off the bat in NC or ACW. Once my team of 8 became a team of 3.... 30 seconds into a match. We recovered numbers and ended up winning so it was sweet, but that was crazy.

Overall, I'm not saying that BW should allow dual queuing, but I really liked it and I don't use either queue as much anymore. I liked having a finger in both pies rather than all my eggs in one basket.