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Quote: Originally Posted by Kophar View Post
This is my 1st post making a critic on this game, they touched on something they dnt needed to touch. The loot quantity was balanced. The loot tier drops were crap but we can perfectly live with that.
Those that whine cause they geared up fast are/were just trolling.
And i would appreciate it m8y if you would take the sarcasm out of your replys, i believe you dnt have the need for it. You arent replying to a hater here man, chill.
First post or 101st post, you're way overdramatic about how the loot is. Acting like the world's ending because you only got one drop is going to get you replys like these. I lost count of how many exclamation points !!!!!! you used in your post. Does the loot distribution in this game suck? Yes, but !!!!!! isn't going to make it better.