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1) Bounty Hunter - I loved his story on Hutta and so it put me in a good mood all the way through, my BH was evil and I loved the fact that when I did bad things they felt bad not evil in a evil Super Villian Kinda way. Also having done SW and SI before I was amazed when I was not betrayed.
2) Smuggler - I haven't quite completed this yet but so far this story has tied into whats happened in the other chapters better than any other. They are not obvious links but the same people keep popping up. Plus Guss is just great wish I had had him from day one.
3) Jedi Knight. I liked the Story, I liked the compaions, I liked some of the jedi politics and so on, I didn't like the ending too much seemed a bit silly that a Jedi and droid can defeat the greatest power in the galaxy but other than that a good if typical story.
4) Imperial Agent. Its a pitty but the hype made me expect more. Because everyone said it was so great I kinda wanted more. Its still a good strong story had a lot of good parts, and the choices at the end made me think. Oh wonder if I had done X or Y or Z what would have happened.
5) Sith Inquisitor. This was just terrible. I wanted to gain power, manipulate people, be a diplomate but I felt like tomb raider with lightning. I found the entire chapter 2 and 3 a complete waste of time, all the actual power I got seemed to come from 2 minor flash points and all the time on the planets was pointless. I kept eating ghosts but got no more powerful then I had to go and fix myself. Also not once did I make a choice and wish I hadn't done it, non of my choices seemed to matter, large chunks made no sence at all and at the end I was just happy it was over.