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Because when you are trying to justify a $15/month subscription cost in a world that has largely moved past that model it requires you to actually make good on your promises of content. If TOR was free to play from the beginning no one would care. It wasn't and it's suffering mightily for that.

I wish I shared your optimism but with the layoffs I have a hard time believing there is any meaningful content coming down the pipe beyond Makeb.

Tux has the right attitude.
Tux and I agree on something

However your statement that $15 a month is hard to justify just blows my mind. It's such a small amount of money for anyone that has an income that I find it hard to believe it has to be justified beyond the do you want to play the game or not. The amount itself is trivial. Anyone in a financial position to argue it's not a trivial amount probably has way more to worry about day to day than this game.

Call me old school but MMO = $15 per month that has always been my mindset when I decided to play one. I guess maybe it's a console mentality that you play the game for however many hours and move on. These games are meant to be played indefinitely and the player needs to have that mindset going into it.

$15 a month and unlimited playtime. The only limit is your own schedule. Best deal in entertainment.
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