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The graphic image you showed was for Imperial. It will look nothing like that for a Jedi Knight. So you need to look further IMO for an outfit for your Chiss Knight. Personally, I use the Strategist vest, pants, and boots for my Jedi Knights. Pick the right headpiece and the hood on the vest will be in the down position as well. Good looking set of gear IMO.
Hm. The reason I wanted it was that I actually found one for my imperial agent. I put it on, so it was bound, but I didn't like the look for an agent, due to the skirt part that comes with it and it was all too bright. Currently my knight wears Aspiring Knight stuff, because I like to show some blue skin without running around virtually naked.

Of those listed here I like the "Resilient Lacquerous Republic Appearance" best: Even though it is frustratingly brown, - unlike the strategist vest. I'll have to think about it. Of course the Resilient Lacquerous stuff also has a hood. I should probably get all variants and try them in turns.
Ah, yes. "Reapers."