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Project Noble Focus was only used on savage convicts and criminals and I for one actually agree in the logic of using beings like thos for intelligence gathering. But then again you are talking to someone who believes chain gangs should exist. Convicts and criminals should at least be forced to build and maintain the highways in our country if they are going to get all that free room and board.

And think of what the Empire would do as an alternative to cryo sleep. Probably put you in one of those torture stasis devices where not only can you not move but your viscera are being torn apart form the inside as well. A long spell of dreamless sleep certainly sounds more plausible to that,

The few bad apples that represent corruption in the senate are a small percentage of the Republic cmpared to the overwhelming percentage of ruthless Nazi-like Moffs and Sith lords who would sooner kill you then look at you. Most dissident of the Republic who speak out against corruption of the Republic are just a bunch of brainless conspiracy theorists similar to the people we have in our country who think George Bush caused 9/11 on purpose.

Also as an example of Empire cruelty and what the Republic might do instead. Take the brain dead "lab rat" in the Imperial base in Voss. He is treated by his superiors like he is an animal. You know that the Republic, particularly the Jedi, would be tryng to find a way to help him instead. Same ting for that poor Sith's apprentice left outside of town and injured by animals. He is left to die. Now if he worked for Jedi he would be brought back, given a warm meal and bed and nursed back to health.