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A, thanks, that's what I needed to hear.

So let me get this straight: It has the same name and drops, at least in part, by the same bosses, but it is a different item, depending who kills that boss, and when you mail from an imp to a rep character it remains the imp item?

Fortunately this is for a chiss Jedi Knight. I suppose her mom could help her with her wardrobe without the Empire finding out. Must be worth something being a free agent.
The item that drops is determined randomly ( I don't think it matters who gets the kill shot), but is modified by the types of armor worn by those in your group. If you have more Heavy Armor types in your group, you will be more likely to see the Indignation chest drop (the Heavy Armor version). If you have more Medium Armor types you will be more likely to get the Inspiration chest drop you want. Of course, class matters too. You'll want to have a group of mostly force users to have the best chance.

If you have someone who can solo it, you can go that way too, but being much higher level than the enemies does seem to reduce the chances to get a good drop.

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