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Clarification (and I don't mean to offend anyone with my descriptions below), this is how I see the body types:

BT 1 = Anorexic (I guess this one is meant to be just skinny)
BT 2 = Less Anorexic (this one is supposed to be the normal body type, I think)
BT 3 = Tall, athletic, muscular, in other words amazonian
BT 4 = healthy body weight, though some would call this one "fat", TVTropes would call this one Hollywood Pudgy. For some reason this one corresponds to the male corpulently obese (but muscular as well) body type.

Most of my characters are BT3, with one or two being either BT2 or 4. I refuse to use BT1 on principle.
I have to disagree about female body type 4 being closest to Britney Spears. She's not curvy enough or busty enough, imo. That, and I find her to be extremely skanky. My closest comparison of an actress to female body type 4 would be Noa Tishby. Fell in love with her on Leverage (The 2 Live Crew Job).
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