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While I agree completely with you on the subject of the queues, this is purest nonsense. It furthers your cause, when there are more threads about this. because the higher the waves this thing is causing, the more attention it'll get from devs. Secondly we won't make a fix whatsoever, we can only make our voices heard and hope for some backpedaling on the issue.

And on a more personal note, it really makes you sound puffed up...
To be fair...and let's think about this for a moment, this thread and my thread belong in General Discussion. It's not just about PvE queues, it's about PvP queues as well. This *is* a general topic. Sadly, like I already said, the Moderators for some reason move them to this forum. Why not the PvP forum?

Technically, there is no such thing as a general thread, because judging by what the Moderators do, any topic at all can be moved to another location. But whatever, like I said, I have a feeling they do this to keep us quiet.
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