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You silly billy Lego, you're helping prove my point. My point was not that hacks don't exist in this game, it's that there are too many people who cry foul when they lose because they often don't understand legitimate game mechanics.

Cheating in this game is possible, but it is rare to the point that many people have never had to deal with it. (such as me) Most cases of speed hacks and the like were in the first months of the game. Since 1.2, BW has significantly improved the security of the game. Both then and now, actual cheaters were punished, and repeat offenders were banned.

I love when people claim someone must be hacking because they either say they don't or say they haven't seen any cheats first hand. Sure, a cheater probably won't admit to cheating. However, someone who is, in fact, a legitimate player will also tell you that they don't cheat. Food for thought.

My anecdote about my guild and I being accused of hacking was simply to illustrate that there are more false accusations flying around than real hacks. I'm not "trying hard to defend" anyone because my guild and I don't need defending. We just find it amusing when people mistake good play and teamwork for cheating. I agree with every other sane person and advocate reporting someone who's behaving suspiciously. However, starting an in-game / forum witch hunt when you have no real proof accomplishes nothing - and, as I said, makes you look childish.

If you see something that looks like shenanigans, go ahead and file a report. However, it'd be better if you took a bit more time to check the combat logs / do some research on different abilities and talents before you file an erroneous complaint. (Hint: there are a lot of things out there that effect movement speed, CC immunity, etc that are not hacks)

Should you choose to go with the knee-jerk reaction and immediately cry wolf, don't be surprised to find out that the other person was actually playing fair.
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