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Did i just told you that we killed 1st boss of TFB HM? Am i even talking about ops difficulty? NO. Actually i even said the difficulty was fine for TFB HM and it shouldnt be changed, i guess ure mistaken me with someones reply.
No, I'm not. You stated that the gear in HM TFB sucks. I agree it sucks for the fact that it's one token per boss, but I was contradicting you about NiM EC. You were mentioning how can people be expected to do NiM EC for Dread gear when they haven't finish HM EC. My point was that if they haven't completed EC HM yet, then they haven't gotten all the gear from there, so there's no need to work on NiM EC or HM TFB. Thats all.

In the end, yes, 1 item drop per boss of token loot is dumb, but only because it's not BiS. If we could do what I think WoW does with "reforging" to get the exact stats we want on a mod then I'd be perfectly happy with it. But knowing that it's better for me to win a belt for someone to RE it in hopes of getting the 1 +Power/Str Mod Lvl 63 instead of farming 10 belts for BiS... well, that's just stupid itemization and loot distribution.