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I'll tell you why: Merc Pyro is still INFERIOR to Powertech Pyro.

Merc pyrotech is absolutely 100% is inferior.

I duel with a Powertech who is just as geared as me. (I've done several of these tests with competent people as a true indicator, not posting ridiculous screenshots that give the illusion of competence).

The powertech may have a range nerf on two abilities, but because of Dart being off the same cooldown as TD, it all evened out. Most PT's aren't even using the IM near as much and benefiting from the reduced heat issues.

So the 'nerf' is really only applicable to TD. BUT the buff to -Dart- made up for it.

Even if you understand what I'm saying here, you might still be asking why I would believe Powertech is better at Pyro. Here's why:

1) as shown above, the nerf really isn't much of a nerf thanks to other changes.

2) Grapple is on a pretty darn low cooldown and it is GREAT at isolating healers from their guards, and COMPLETELY eliminates any 'range nerf'.

3) Pyrotech resets Rail Shot on 2 INSTANT abilities, not channeled/cast time abilities: Rocket Punch and Flame burst. So while you're standing there trying to get off a cruddy "Powershot" so you can proc a Rail shot, you're getting interupted or grappled by the PT and he's flame bursting you down, and getting his free rail shot.

4) The powertech pyrotech can also trump you in the stun game. I can't remember the last time I faced a competent melee type that let me Concussion them, but that still leaves Mercs with Electro Dart. Well Pt's have Electro Dart AND Carbonize. What about our AoE knockback? It's an interrupt (on a non-interuptable opponent) at best. It doesn't knock back far enough in Pyro to be of any consequence in most maps.

I can and have pulled HUGE numbers in non-ranked WZ's. I even have one ranked screenshot of over 500K against a total group of ungeared players trying to get comms. But when it comes down to it, the Powertech does Pyro better. Even if you want to convince your self of some fantasy scenario where you love using channeled abilities in PVP, you cannot argue the base mechanics of two classes and how they reset rail shot.
Good post. I love when people tell you your not supposed to PvP in arsenal for DPS but Pyro in stead. Might as well tell you to go roll a Powertech at that point.