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Again this really sucks. I consider myself a 50/50 PVE/PVP person. This change has knocked me down to like 20% pvp since as many others have mentioned my time is very important to me.

When I am in a WZ I could care less if someone rage quits or GF pops or whatever. As the patch stated back filled slots will be filled more frequently so not really a huge issue to me.

Congrats if you wanted me to PVP a lot less than I did b4. One less person even bothering with his pvp dailies.
There is another topic on this very thing that has a few good ideas as well. Would be nice if the two threads could converge in to one thread. Keeping the ideas and conversation consolidated.

Here is the other thread.

Check it out and maybe we can put the two thread's heads together and come up with something that we could get implemented.
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