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Seriously, as much as I think that the queue problem can be easily solved (see my suggestion above if you like), you're entire post screams "look at me! I'm important!". A simple post stating that "There are some more good ideas regarding this topic here "Link", would have been FAR more effective. As it is, I now have zero interest to go back and read your link.
It's not a matter of screaming anything other than the fact that posts are removed consistently from General Discussion, when others are allowed to stay. It's a matter of injustice than anything else. If my thread was left where it should have been left, (In general discussion) we would have never had this issue to begin with, and most likely could have had a solid fix to the problem by now. Instead, we have threads being removed (I suspect to keep us quiet) and placed in sections where hardly anyone look at them.

And to be quite honest, we have a search function on these boards for a reason. If the OP had simply used it like everyone else, he would have found the thread that was already in progress and could have continued the conversation there. It's what the search function is for, and to make new threads on topics already in heavy discussion, usually get deleted, not moved.

I'm not going to apologize for somebody else who breaks forum rules in regards to making threads on topics that already exist.
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