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10.04.2012 , 02:54 PM | #61
I for one will agree with the OP.

I love PvP and continue to love after 1.4. If anything, I think warzones are over all better.

I have one Guardian toon (level 50), that is not DPS! So forget 6K+ dmg sweeps, I'm a full tank. I also have one Gunslinger. And I have great fun with both of them.

Yes, I had some trouble adapting my gameplay as a guardian tank in PvP. Tanking doesn't work as one would expect. But it turns out that one CAN adapt pretty well to tanking and help the team a lot. I get MVP votes often and, if I play right, really feel like I'm helping out a lot with my Guardian. With a good mixture of mitigation (as low as it can be, it's still best one in game), ccs, guard, freezing force, taunt, AoE taunt, leap, guardian leap, force push and defensive cooldowns, I can be of great help to my team.

As for the slinger, I got the feeling from this thread that slingers are THE MOST OP class right now in PvP. But then again, there are dozens of posts saying that focus guardians are the most op class. Other dozen that scoundrels/operatives are OP. Other dozen that maras/sentinels are OP.

I play one and it is really fun and dangerous, but don't forget it can be killed easily. While they get better defense for ccs, they can die quicker than ony other class out there. I mean, I am a tank and kill slingers quite often, so...

Of course some classes need changing. Sages needed buffs, they got some in 1.4. Commando still need them, but I have a Commando friend that hits 400K+ dmg all the time, sometimes beating well know sents... CC also needs more changing. 1.4 did not solve all issues with chain CC (or chain CC/root/mezz), but it got better imo. It's still frustating to be chained CC a lot in a game, but from personal experience this only happens in huttball often, and even then I can stay play well enough. In other maps it's not as common - enemies will use CC just as much as you will.

So I say PvP is balanced enough to let you have fun if you put some effort in strategy and gearing. I have lots of fun. If I would change anything, was to make sure queues got faster, specially during early times =).