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If they haven't completed HM EC yet, then they don't have the gear from it yet meaning they still need to farm HM EC. That's called "progression". It goes HM EC, THEN HM TFB / NiM EC. Can't just get to lvl 50 and expect to clear out HM EC, can you?

Sounds to me like your guild doesn't have EC HM on farm yet which means not everyone is geared out in full lvl 61 gear with matching weapons, right? If I'm right, then you're not ready for HM TFB yet.
Didnt i just told you that we killed 1st boss of TFB HM? Am i even talking about ops difficulty? NO. Actually i even said the difficulty was fine for TFB HM and it shouldnt be changed, i guess ure mistaken me with someones reply.

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As for the bosses dropping one token item, that is pretty lame, considering how bad the itemization the loot is. It is dumb to throttle the loot but not the ability to clear. Meaning the raids are still too easy. Our guild cleared HM TFB in the first week, then on "Loot Tuesday" we cleared it in one night. Um... lolwhat? I'm not saying this to brag because there are a number of guilds that cleared HM TFB first or second night of release. We weren't even server first. I'm just telling all of this to put it into context.

Right now, we're stuck to getting 5 token pieces for 8 raid members per week because they haven't released EC NiM yet. Yeah, it'll be good to be able to do 2 nights of raiding for clearing (course that'll probably be back to 1 night once we're able to go faster and faster) and 10 pieces of look per week, but I'm not every excited about seeing EC NiM. Sure the mechanics may be different, but we've spent so many hours in there that seeing the same pixels on the screen will suuuuuuuucccccck.
Exactly, now youre getting there
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