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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Igor and I represent guild “MVPs” at the ToFN server.

I would like to announce next week’s event. It’s going to be 2v2 PvP tournament which will be held on Sunday, 14 of October. Information about exact time of the event will be sent through in-game mail to 1 person of team.

How it’s going to work:

All fights will be 2v2 best of three, single elimination bracket.

This is going to be a private tournament. No spectators are allowed at this area during the event.
Also, players will not be allowed to watch the game!

It is done this way to minimize lags for participants and make this tournament more enjoyable.
That’s why players will be staying here 
You will come to arena only when I call you through Global channel.
You will be allowed to the arena area if you are streaming or making the video. (If someone would like to stream please /w me in game)

How to participate:

Form a team of two players
Sign in
Please include:
- Name of your team
- Players’ names/classes

There will be a small entry fee of 200.000 credits (per team) for those who wish to participate. Money will go directly to the prize pull.

1st place – 50% of the price pull.
2nd place – 30% of the price pull.
3d place – 20% of the price pull.

All money will be collected by MVPs representatives on the Arena just before your fight.

Registration ends on October 13th 22.00 CET

Results of the 2v2 Tournament:

1st Place and 1mil credits reward:
Epic Potato
I'gor - Sentinel
Slicker - Scoundrel

2nd place and 600.000 credits reward:
Atleast our hair looks good
Sirmarkisha - Mercenary
Whasp - Sniper

3d place and 400.000 credits reward:
Pwner and Translator
Roudy - Assasin
Niea - Operative

Thanks for comming and hope to see you on our future events!
You can say I'm dreamer, but I'm not the only one...
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