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First off let me say i play a vigilance guardian and have since launch. Now i toatly agree with the OP. The combat disighn of pvp is ment for a team oriented game and everyone that comes here to QQ complains about how they peform and others peform 1v1 and how bad they are in a paticular situation. The game is 8v8 not 1v1x8 Since launch I have never seeen a sage use rescue to pull a melee team mate in to engage the melee attacker. Not once have i seen a merc of sage use their cleans to stop a rage jug or pt from getting their proc or remove a stun. Not once have i seen a sage use rescue to pull a stunned player to safty.

Stop with the qq about whats bad and talk stratigy. Try being positive for a secound and talk about what abilities you have and how they can help the team because many of the abilities and classes are buit around the team concept and if people use their tool many of things people are complaining about have a counter.

If people put more effort in to discussing how to use the tools they have and play as a team they will find that the combat and layout of the maps in this game is increadibly tatical
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