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That is actually incredibly helpful. We mark all the cores first so we can shout out which core is up. This fight is also a good one to swap out a war hero relic for a campaign relic. I get blue colored in the fight and we were having tight timers on yellow until I swapped in a campaign push relic.
It is a bit helpful, but if you look at what the first person said in response to my diagram, the blue is random, and it is. So if you mark your targets first you need to be aware of it. It may not be exactly as the diagram shows. But if you just remember that they open up clockwise from blue, the raid leader could mark everything and keep track in his head where the next one is going to open up and call out the next target. Just don't go by the diagram I made exactly, because 3/4 of the time it is going to be wrong.
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