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Oh, okay. Hey, everyone, crisis averted because we already have all the custom gear we could ever want. /sarcasm off. Arunav, we already know every piece of custom gear that is available in the game because there is so little of it available and we can see it all on websites such as Torhead. And If we had all the custom gear we wanted, we wouldn't be pissed off about this issue would we? I guess you're one of those who thinks that if you're happy with the current state of affairs, then that should be good enough for everyone. We're not willing settle for just any "unique looking orange set."
You missed my point - in addition to what's already in TOR, there will also be orange shells for sale in the cash shop.

You shouldn't have a problem putting together an armor set and avoiding the gambling boxes.

And by putting together, it might indicate taking pieces from multiple sets to achieve a certain look you value. If you take what people have done with their WH and Campaign armorings, there are some really great and unique looks that people have come up with, no matter the class. This will only get better with the addition of the shop.