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I didn't reply to this earlier because i don't cater to bad leapers who don't know how to line of sight a sniper in order to close in and get in combat. Or better yet, leap to someone else that is close to me in order to engage me. But hey, if u need to mash more than 1 button to play a mara or jugg ur doing it wrong right? God forbid u should have to use ur own 2 feet to reach your target, or find clever ways to close a range gap by line of sight. LOL!

All that high flying jumping is thinning the oxygen upstairs huh?
How is it again? leap/ravage. obliterate/enrage/smash. LOL so bad.

-Such a hard and complex rotations, how do u ever survive without leap? Thanks for the laughs tho i needed work humor.
And how "complicated" is yours exactly when you don't even have to bother moving most of the time.....

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