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So I was thinking about this a moment, and I want to know what you guys think:

There is a bit of a dichotomy in terms of the lore and where the game is going. Namely, the game needs to go on for as long as possible, while still eventually leading to an end-point that can be picked up by the EU.

The Empire eventually needs to end. The Emperor needs to die and have no replacements, the Dark Council needs to be killed, the Sith Lords and troops, all gone. The Empire needs to be completely wiped out. The Sith start again from scratch in 2,000 BBY when Phanius falls to the Dark Side and becomes Darth Ruin, so pretty much every trace needs to be wiped out, probably within a few years of the events of the game.

But that grossly undermines the playability of the game. While it's ok right now to be a Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, or Imperial Agent (noting that the Bounty Hunter might be exempt from this), eventually, that character will either die or go into hiding and die alone, while Republic characters triumph and win.

Now, one option to address this might be to conclude the story of the Second Great Galactic War in novels or comics. After all, the events of the upcoming TOR: Annihilation novel take place after the events of Chapter 3 (note that the Chapter 3 conclusion of the Jedi Knight story is in the blurb, but probably before whatever happens on Makeb). But that has its problems. For one, if the comics/novels would either be written while the game is still going, which undermines the playability somewhat (why should I play when my character will die, regardless of my input?) or they can be written in 10 years time, when BW closes the last server, which would undermine book sales, since they'd be writing about a game no one is playing anymore/interested in.

I would love a novel that shows the fates of the eight player characters. Maybe even giving them canonical genders, names, and species. But again, write it now and why should I keep playing? Or write it later, but will I still care?

Thoughts on this issue?