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I don't know what's going on here, but this has already been discussed on another thread. The thread I started was moved out of General Discussion and placed in it's proper place. Why exactly did General need another one of these? And why exactly is this thread still in General? This was my thread, that started in General, then was moved.

We have already discussed the pros and cons to death about this subject. Now I have to come to this thread and read 11 pages of the same crap we have already talked about. It's like you guys are living in the dark ages and have yet to catch up to the conversation.

This is what happens when a Mod moves a topic out of it's proper place. It gets unnoticed once it is moved and somebody starts another thread.

Regardless, I hate to see another thread get brought up on this, because that undermines everything that has been discussed in the previous thread. There were a lot of good points made in that thread that will go ignored, due to this thread's existence.

So if you are truly serious about this topic, I ask that you take the time to read some of the points brought up in that other thread that I linked.

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