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I wouldnt call myself a fanboi, but I have become increasingly frustrated with the crowd of entitled gamers that think they deserve everything they demand.

petulant children, every one of them.
CSB: Two months ago my ISP introduced bandwidth caps and an overage fee. I wasn't too worried because I was pretty sure my overage wouldn't be too much, but I disagreed on principle with them changing MY policy on my contract before it was over. So I told them if they didn't remove the cap on my account I was switching providers. They said "if you do that you get $200 in fees blah blah blah. I said my contracts up in 17 days. They put manager on phone. Upgrade me to Business account, no caps, price reduce and lock me in for 12 months.

I don't have to put up with switching ISPs.
They retain a customer.

This is how the market should work. Customers and companies compromising in a way that benefits both parties.

Your absolutist approach of **** or **** is non-sense and in no way representative of how community based products function in the market. Which is why SWTOR is doing so poorly, and that's an objective fact, they admit it is disappointing.

TLDR: If companies set out expectations they better meet those expectations or be prepared for loss of revenue and PR backlash. Customers demanding a product that meets their expectations on quality and price is not "entitlement" it is exercising their role in the market.